Adrienne Blumberg, MA, LMFT, RPT

Adrienne Blumberg, MA, LMFT, RPT

Marriage and Family Therapist
Tel: 858-349-1422

Adrienne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters Degree from Alliant International University, San Diego. Adrienne is a Marriage and Family Specialist and has been working with children, teens, adults and families for over 35 years. Adrienne’s career experience spans from being a parent and educator to a coach/mentor for professionals, fellow students and parents. Adrienne now counsels families, individuals and couples on all issues which impact one’s healthy and productive life-style. Adrienne is also a parent coordinator and coaches parents, to help manage and navigate their children, teens and grown up children.

Adrienne has incorporated Co-Parenting, conjoint therapy, and individual therapy for clients going through court mandated services. As a seasoned therapist, this aspect of Adrienne’s work, helps families when they are going through a contentious divorce. Children and teens need to be supported during these challenging times and parents need support to navigate these waters.

As a skilled professional in the field of psychotherapy and an experienced educator, Adrienne is a compassionate and creative individual who demonstrates high standards and ethics foremost in counseling, mentoring and coaching, thus providing a creative, safe environment in which clients can develop and re-discover the “self” that they want to be. The most important part of therapy is making a connection with the client. As a mother, wife, mentor and therapist, Adrienne prides herself in the ability to empathize with others.

What separates Adrienne from other therapists is the careful attention that is paid to this connection. When entering a session with a client, Adrienne is present and her attention goes into trying to understand all situations. Once the session is over, attention to the needs of the client does not cease. Whether it is returning a phone call in a timely fashion, keeping scheduled appointments, or being flexible with a client’s life circumstances, Adrienne is a dedicated therapist. Adrienne has been married for 38 years and is a proud mother of 2 grown children.

Adrienne is a member of The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) in addition to a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. (CAMFT) She is also a Registered Play Therapist and proudly holds membership in the Association of Play Therapy.

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