Megan Balzarini, ASW

Megan Balzarini, ASW

Associate Clinical Social Worker
Supervised by Adrienne Blumberg LMFT
Tel: 858-349-1422

Megan is an associate clinical social worker with a masters degree from San Diego State University. Megan is committed to helping couples, youth and families learn how to find solutions to their problems and heal their relationships with themselves and others. Megan’s work focuses on targeting maladaptive behaviors, and their underlying core beliefs to assist clients in making lasting changes in their lives. Megan believes in taking a collaborative and holistic approach to helping clients reach their goals. She has extensive experience working with school aged students experiencing the effects of trauma, family dysfunction and adjusting to unexpected life changes. Megan is flexible and able to adapt treatment interventions to the developmental age, ability, personal and cultural characteristics of her clients.

Megan is creative, patient, empathic, and down to earth. She has a deep and personal understanding of the complexities of individual mental health issues and often utilizes alternative approaches to treatment including art, music, movement, mindfulness, etc., to help clients outside of the traditional talk therapy model. Megan specializes in issues such as: depression, anxiety, anger, self-esteem, stress management, trauma, substance abuse, relationship issues, co-parenting and family issues.

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